Slow Motion

Life feels to be creeping along ever so slowly. Just the other day I journaled, “I have too much time! (Who says that really!?).” And who says that especially with three children 3 and under!?

Bobby likes to say often, “If you want anything done, ask the person who has the most to do.” It is true, that when you have a lot on your plate, you consequently get a lot done. The busier you are, the more organized you are forced to be. Busy people are productive people.

So on the flip side: free people are unproductive people.

Life in quarantine (and in the larger scale: life waiting to move to Minneapolis) is peculiar. It is teaching me about this crazy thing called time. We hear people mumble often, “I wish I had time for that,” or, “I’m running out of time,” “time flies,” or just flat out, “I don’t have time.” But when you have an abundance of time, you are left scratching your head thinking, “What was it that I didn’t have time for again?” And when you finally dig out your bucket list from the bottom of the drawer, you just stare at it, blankly and lazily, and say, “Aw, maybe later.”

I’m a self-proclaimed, unashamed extrovert. I am definitely a busy-body, but I am more definitely a social butterfly. Even in my mornings reading the Bible and drinking coffee, am I energized by looking out on the horizon to see glittery headlights from the sliver of my view of Highway-370. Just the small evidence of human beings livens me up.

So here you have it: a task-oriented people-person left with zero things on the to-do list AND not a soul in sight.

Well, okay, I’m being dramatic. I have an eternal to-do list called: mothering. And I have four of my favorite souls in the whole wide-world right in front of my face. But you know what I mean…

A couple of things have progressed with seminary. And I find it humorously and some-what painful how these things are trudging along in slow motion. Any little thought or news about seminary that pops up seems blog-worthy, “Oooo yay! An email? There’s nothing too small to blog about!” And I skip off childishly to spill my heart out over nothing.

I imagine when we are actually at seminary, I will be gasping for breathe trying to keep up with all the “blog-worthy” events and emotions.

Anyway, so the big news of the week is that Bobby was able to connect with four other students who were accepted in his cohort [insert corny Wheel of Fortune prize theme music]!!! I don’t know all the details, but it brightened our day! (Again, when you are boarded up all day long, any glimmer of the outside world is an event worthy to celebrate!).

He was able to see the names and teeny tiny profile pictures of four of his future peers for the next four years. Neither of us have ever participated in online dating, but I imagine this might be kind of how it feels: here are some potential BFFs for you!

Bobby texted one guy, Andrew, and had a couple laughable encounters with him. Maybe Andrew will beat Bobby out at the role of class clown.

Then Bobby announced he is setting up a Zoom meeting so we can all meet!

“Isn’t that going to be awkward?” I ask pessimistically, “you know, meeting people over zoom?” We all know the utter lameness of zoom…

“I have an idea! You want to be real SeminaryWife intense?!” Bobby replies ignoring my question.

“Maybe…” I say doubtful the conversation is going to amount to anything.

“You should bake cookies, then ship them to everyone’s houses, so they can have the cookies for our Zoom meeting!”

Why do I even try?

Like I said, life is slow. Time is wasting away. I am scrambling to find something to do while hypocritically avoiding all the things to do. It all just feels like a relentless hamster wheel: clean the dishes only to dirty more. Pick up the toys, only so you can take them all out. Pretend that news is more excited than it is, so you can feel a sense of something.

We are back at the discussion of renting or buying. So that’s something new that we are trying to wisely wrap our minds around. The house hunt may turn anticlimactically to a rent hunt. Bleh.

And every time I tell my kids the Christmas story, Waldo cutely interprets that Mary and Joseph had baby Jesus “at seminary!”

“No Waldo, Jesus was born at Bethlehem.”

He looks at me confused, “Yes! Bethlehem seminary!”

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