Well folks. The trip is complete. We're home. The long-anticipated trip has come to a close. So what are our thoughts? Well, for starters, my reflections from the seminary tour were different than Bobby's reflections. It makes me laugh sometimes how we take turns being the excited ones for seminary! Bobby's reaction to seeing the … Continue reading Home

The Gehmans

Enter inspiration: the Gehmans. The little Gehman house, nestled in the depths of urban Minneapolis, is a home beaming with the light of Christ and joy of seminary living. When we stepped up to the charming deep-toned red house, little did we know we were stepping into a positively perfect seminary preamble. Three bright-eyed blonde … Continue reading The Gehmans


Well... we are here! Minneapolis Minnesota. Counting the days until our visit is now in the negative. We are staying at the Bobbin' house- a little whimsical Airbnb that is part hotel and part sewing studio. We piled on stacks of winter clothes, gloves, hats, blankets, and coats so we could walk to Bethlehem church … Continue reading Neutral