Everyone keeps asking if we are “settled in” yet.  “We are physically settled in. But we are yet to be emotionally settled in,” I reply. What really does “settled” mean anyway? When I hear that word, I actually first think of it as a science word. I have in my mind a raging river, carrying … Continue reading Settling


I feel pressure to write an extremely moving, sentimental, and wide-sweeping last Nebraska post. However, I'm not sure my mind and heart can get there quite yet. Everything just feels like it's not actually happening. I think my emotions are simply shocked into paralysis. The fact is, my last morning as a resident of Nebraska … Continue reading Lasts

Wake Up

My brain feels like mush. This is the third attempt at writing a blog post in the past two weeks, and I'm not entirely sure this one will make it to the "publish" button either. It is house crunch time, and my mind is spinning in about one million directions. I literally, somehow, "convinced" Bobby … Continue reading Wake Up